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Erste + Neue Whites

Erste + Neue Whites

  • The winery Erste+Neue (First+New) sits on the southern foothills of the Italian Alps where the Mediterranean south joints the northern glaciers. The sunny and yet cool climate allows growing remarkable fresh wines with a lovely purity. The case includes its Pinot Grigio, a very well-balanced wine with a clean, mineral-driven acidity. The unoaked and fresh Chardonnay shines straw yellow in the glass and convinces with harmonious aromas of exotic fruits. Last but not least the Italian take on Sauvignon Blanc gives you all you need to stay refreshed. Flavours of green apple and gooseberry pamper your palate together with a vibrant acidity to make sure you “stay chilled” in this heat.

  • Origin

    Alto Adige, Italy


    Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc