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Staff’s Favourite Whites

Staff’s Favourite Whites

  • This box features Chilled Wine's favourite white wines. It includes two bottles of Enno's treasured Erste+Neue Pinot Grigio from the Italian Alps with its lovely purity in its clean, focused fruit. Michael's pick is hardly surprising as the organic Karl May Osterhofener Riesling was previously named one of Germany's Top Ten Dry Rieslings and brings along a strong aromatic and fresh character. Last but not least, Benni favours the Oliver Zeter's Sauvignon Blanc Fumé which was awarded as Germany's Best Sauvignon Blanc for 2 consecutive years and convinces with its heavenly complex, oaky and mineral finish.

  • Origin

    Alto Adige, Italy, Pfalz, Germany, Rheinhessen, Germany


    Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc