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Takarabune Migaki 6 - Junmai Ginjo

In Hagi, the six local breweries have united with local farmers to create the Hagi Sakamai Migaki Kyodo Kumiai (萩酒米磨き協同組合). They grow Yamadanishiki in the Hagi area, then process it locally at a Hagi facility for use by the sake breweries. This has been valuable in establishing the Hagi GI by Japanese Government.


The group also invites sake lovers to participate in the "Migaki Six" project. One of the six breweries leads the brewing to accentuate Hagi sake nationwide each year.


In 2021, the 3rd edition was produced by Nakamura Shuzou, which is famous for it's brand "Takarabune". The sake brings a fresh fruity aroma, which is extremely suitable for every cuisine. 

Takarabune Migaki 6 - Junmai Ginjo

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  • Origin

    Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan


    Yamada Nishiki

    Polish %

    50 %

    Alcohol Level

    15.6 %

    Serving Temperature



    Elegant, Fruity

    Food Match


    Wine Characteristics

    smooth and refreshing finsh

  • 720 ML